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National report: Browns not out on DeAndre Hopkins, new suitor identified

With no hurry to make a decision, NFL free agency rumors continue for DeAndre Hopkins

Houston Texans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

“This is a song that doesn’t end. It goes on and on my friends.”

While the infamous “Lamb Chop’s Play-Along” song (that is now stuck in your head) is not exactly accurate, it feels that way when it comes to the NFL free agency of WR DeAndre Hopkins. Rumors have been all over the place including for the Cleveland Browns.

As we have covered so far when it comes to Hopkins, in chronological order:

For good measure, we also covered where the Browns cap space currently is going into the summer break.

Now we have a new report from a national source that continues to keep Hopkins tied to a potential reunion with Watson:

The transcript of what was said, thanks to our friends at Pats Pulpit, was “Carolina’s lurking, Cleveland is lurking for sure.”

What Sal Paolantonio is reporting lines up with what I was hearing at the start of June including these nuggets (more good information in the linked piece):

  • Right now, no team has blown the receiver away with a big enough offer to take the Browns out of the running
  • Hopkins has an interest in coming to Cleveland, not just because of money
  • Money is important
  • The Browns have an interest in signing Hopkins within reason

That the New England Patriots are the favorite is not surprising. The Pats can pay him well and put him in a position to be the team’s top receiver this season. Whether QB Mac Jones is someone Hopkins wants to tie his future to is a big question.

The Carolina Panthers are a team that makes sense but is a new connection to Hopkins. The Panthers want to build around rookie QB Bryce Young and have already added Adam Thielen and DJ Chark to their receiver group this offseason. Hopkins' precise route running and catch radius would make him a great weapon for Young.

It is interesting that the Tennessee Titans, who had Hopkins in for a visit, were not mentioned.

For Cleveland, continued linkage to Hopkins is interesting. Elijah Moore is considered primed for a breakout season while Marquise Goodwin was labeled as the offseason standout for the team. Signing Hopkins would improve Watson’s weapons but add to the logjam at the position while also compromising future cap space.

These reports/rumors keep going on and on my friends. When we get new information that is credible, we will continue to share it until the Hopkins music finally stops.