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Joe Thomas has a new job coaching the Ravens... the Munich Ravens of the ELF

Decked out in a Browns hat and Munich Ravens shirt, Hall of Famer Joe Thomas is coaching this year

A message received this morning almost stopped my heart and caused agony for Cleveland Browns fans worldwide. Quite simply, it was a version of this article's title without the extra explanation: “Joe Thomas has a new job coaching the Ravens...”

Needless to say, I quickly checked the message from an SB Nation colleague, who added the “Munich Ravens of the ELF ” portion of the message, and did the dive into finding out what was real.

Was Cleveland Browns legend, soon to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, really going to coach a team in the European League of Footbal? The first communication included a tweet:

Having no connection to the ELF (yes, I read it as elf every time and think it should be EFL), Bugner’s tweet wasn’t enough for me to write this story as his account lacked enough information to be trusted.

Then I found the video with our beloved offensive lineman sharing the news himself:

It will be interesting if Thomas’ foray into coaching, which he says in the video is his dream to do in Europe, could lead to coaching in the NFL. The dream, obviously, would be for Thomas to join Cleveland’s coaching staff (or front office if he altered his goals) as even seeing him with a “Ravens” shirt on is a nightmare.

Thankfully, Thomas also made sure his Browns hat was present as well.

Are you surprised Thomas’ first coaching is in Europe? Are you surprised he wants to coach at all?