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What’s the earliest you’ve ever left or turned off a Browns game?

The greatest fanbase in the world hasn’t always been treated to good, quality games

Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns fanbase is the greatest in all of the lands. If that is not undisputed, it should be. Despite that, Browns fans have been dealt some horrible football to watch by their football team. Whether it is the 0-16, the stunning losses at the last second or just another one of “those” games, Cleveland’s football team has not always taken care of Cleveland’s fans.

Every once and awhile, the Browns have come through with exciting blowout wins where they control the game from start to finish and the outcome is not in doubt sometime in the second half of the game.

As we’ve seen on television, leaving a game early has seemingly increased over the last couple of decades with fans pouring out of stadiums and arenas the moment they believe a game has been decided. We’ve also seen the hilarity when a fanbase finds out that their team is making a comeback and the fans try to come back themselves. I’m thinking of a particular game where Miami Heat fans left.

So what about you, Cleveland fan? Our Browns have given us a lot of bad games and bad moments with the occasional blowout victory where leaving early was an option. How early have you either left or turned off one of the team’s games? Do you remember which one and why?

Full disclosure, I have to watch every game from start to finish and when I do attend, am generally covering it. On the rare times that I am in full fan mode, I tend to give those around me the authority on leaving early knowing I will be rewatching the game anyway.

What about you?