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2 Bills signings could take them out of DeAndre Hopkins running

Rumored in the DeAndre Hopkins sweepstakes, extending Ed Oliver, signing Leonard Floyd could end WR pursuit

Buffalo Bills v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The rumors surrounding the DeAndre Hopkins sweepstakes quieted this weekend and there is no certainty that the receiver will make a decision anytime soon. There is also no real information that it is really a “sweepstakes” at this point. It is also likely that a few teams are interested in Hopkins but at a far more reasonable price.

For the Cleveland Browns, I shared what I was hearing last Friday with as much details as possible. In many ways, the Browns and Hopkins seem like two sides who want each other but don’t need each other.

From a talent perspective, the two biggest threats to Cleveland signing Hopkins were seen as the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills. Both teams have more proven, currently, quarterbacks and a more recent history of winning.

The Bills may have taken themselves out of the running for Hopkins after two moves on the defensive side of the ball. First, the team extended DT Ed Oliver on a big deal:

Then, Monday morning, Buffalo signed DE Leonard Floyd to a one-year contract:

Prior to those two contracts, the Bills had just over $1 million in cap space. Oliver’s deal likely brings down his cap hit for 2023 and, as we have seen with Cleveland’s salary cap, Buffalo could restructure contracts to make even more room.

Once more info is revealed on the amount of Floyd’s deal and the structure of Oliver’s contract, Buffalo’s salary cap space will be more clear. However, prior to those two deals, it was noted the Bills (and Chiefs) were likely out due to money:

While the Bills (and maybe Chiefs) are likely eliminated from contention, the Browns chances of signing Hopkins to reunite with Deshaun Watson are not much different. There are still too many teams with cap space and too many teams with a bigger need for a receiver for Cleveland fans to start to assume Hopkins is on his way.