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Report: ‘Not be surprised’ if DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t sign with anyone soon

Browns, Hopkins rumors will likely continue until he signs somewhere

2023 NBA Playoffs - Denver Nuggets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

For Cleveland Browns fans and fans of a variety of NFL teams, the DeAndre Hopkins rumors seem to have some staying power. While the Browns are interested in reuniting Hopkins with QB Deshaun Watson and teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots (now that the Buffalo Bills seem out of the running) are interested in signing the talented receiver, nothing is in the works.

As shared last week, there are a lot of details related to Hopkins and Cleveland that make it complicated. Adding to that report, I have been told no team has made an offer that would lead to serious negotiations to this point. Instead, Hopkins could begin to take visits to a couple of teams in the hopes of proving that he is both motivated and in the kind of physical shape that would deserve a sizeable contract.

According to Ian Rapoport, Hopkins’ timeline could extend even further as he could wait for an injury to drive a team’s need up and, therein, present him with a big deal:

Browns fans may hate the news but, as shared Monday, players almost always go where the money calls.

Hopkins signing with Cleveland is still very much a possibility. That he is not likely to sign immediately has little impact on GM Andrew Berry’s pursuit. If Berry believed he had to have Hopkins, a deal would have been signed already, most likely.

While the Browns boast his former quarterback, a talented offensive line, other pass catchers to take away coverage and a defense expected to greatly improve, Cleveland also won’t be likely to offer huge money this season nor the chance for significant production that could lead to a big contract next year.

In the end, Hopkins is looking to play it smart and look for the best opportunity for himself in 2023 and beyond. That could be with the Browns but waiting might open up other, better, opportunities.