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Report: Harrison Bryant agrees to new contract with Browns

Browns tight end will make less money but it is guaranteed now according to report

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

As Cleveland Browns minicamp comes to a close, GM Andrew Berry never stops working. Whether it making changes to the roster or addressing the salary cap, Berry is constantly making adjustments.

TE Harrison Bryant came into the final year of his rookie contract with a fully non-guaranteed contract. With Jordan Akins added to David Njoku, Bryant’s spot on the team’s 53-man roster was up in the air as the team transitions to more receiver sets.

Bryant’s roster spot became even more tenuous when he earned “prove performance escalator” status this offseason. Bryant’s contract jumped up from just over $1 million to over $2.7 million. Still, his salary was not guaranteed with Berry able to cut him at any time without impacting the salary cap.

Instead, according to Brad Stainbrook with The OBR, Bryant has agreed to a new contract that will guarantee the tight end $1.75 million. This is a similar move to what the team did with D’Ernest Johnson last season.

The move saves almost $1 million off of the team’s salary cap. Before the move, the NFLPA has Cleveland listed with just over $18 million in cap space.

A shrewd move for both sides as Bryant ensures his spot on the team this season at a salary higher than his contract was prior to the PPE while the Browns save some salary cap space and lock in the top three at the tight end position.

Are you surprised Cleveland guaranteed Bryant’s contract and, therein, roster spot this season?