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Community Convo: Best weather to attend a Browns game in?

Cleveland can get cold and snowy but is that the best weather for football?

NFL: DEC 24 Saints at Browns Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In the great State of Ohio, weather is one of the main topics of conversation. Whether (pun intended) you are talking to a close friend, a stranger or a family member, the topic will often turn to what the temperature has been, what precipitation has or has not come and what the forecast says is next.

The discussion of weather around the Cleveland Browns is always an interesting one. From the discussion about the potential of a dome stadium to the need for a strong rushing attack, Browns fans have strong beliefs.

Attending games outside, no matter the sport, also makes checking the weather vital. That is especially true in Ohio where a cool morning could lead to searing sunshine in the afternoon. Cleveland fans also got to experience the blistering cold last season versus the New Orleans Saints.

So we bring it to you, the greatest fans in the league, what is the perfect weather for a Browns game? Overly simplistic, we can think of three options but feel free to add your details in the comments below:

  • Cold and snowy
  • Mild fall day
  • Sunny and warm

Join the comment section below to share your thoughts, maybe your favorite game you have attended based on weather and any secrets you have for those unusually cold or hot days of the shore of Lake Erie!