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Dare to Dream: Perfect Super Bowl halftime show when Browns are in it?

When it finally happens, who do you want performing at a Browns Super Bowl halftime show?

Musical Performers at Super Bowl XXXV Photo byDoug Pensinger/ALLSPORT

It is almost the middle of July 2023. Training camp is just around the corner for the upcoming season and many Cleveland Browns fans have cautious hope for the season but have been let down too often to get really excited. The idea of the Browns in the Super Bowl feels foreign in so many ways.

As one of four current NFL teams to never had made the big game, along with the Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland fans first just want to see a winning record, an AFC North title and a team worth talking “Super Bowl” about.

But... for a moment... dare to dream/hope/wish with me about a Browns Super Bowl. For Cleveland fans, that is close to heaven. Imagining a Super Bowl victory might be too much but, first, the team must get there.

Our friends over at the Daily Norseman have created a definitive case that “Weird” Al Yankovic would be the perfect Super Bowl halftime performer. While it might be fun to sing along to “Eat It” and “Like a Surgeon,” you might as well have Adam Sandler singing the “Lunchlady Land” song.

Dreaming of a Browns Super Bowl also means trying to think ahead, at least a little bit. If they make the biggest stage in the next five years, there will be both contemporary and legendary artists to choose from. If you don’t think they will make it for another 20 years, contemporary artists now, like Taylor Swift, will be older, throwback performers.

So, what about you? When you dream of the Cleveland Browns Super Bowl appearance, can you picture who would be your “perfect” halftime performer? Is it Weird Al? Swift? Someone else?

It's almost training camp, a perfect time to dream/hope/wish about almost anything football related so I chose this topic! Scroll down to the bottom to join the comment section below to share your dream. I’ll share mine there as well: