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Community Convo Open Thread: Best vacations are at a beach, mountains, big cities, cruise or something else?

Stifling heat in Greece Photo by Socrates Baltagiannis/picture alliance via Getty Images

If you haven’t planned a summer vacation, you have a little over a week until the Cleveland Browns start training camp, a little over two weeks until the Browns first preseason game and about two months until the first game of the regular season.

With the weekend upon us, we wanted to once again share together as a DBN community. This time, talking about our favorite vacations. For some, vacations are a yearly occurrence from as far back as their childhood. For others, vacations were far more limited but just as exciting.

As we are about a month away from kids returning to school and college starting for the older kids, there isn’t much time to sneak in a vacation with them. For those without kids traveling with them, it isn’t long before your favorite destination will be far less crowded.

So we turn to our community to ask the question: What is the best vacation?

  • Is it on a beach someplace?
  • On a boat on the lake or a cruise out at sea?
  • Mountains with hiking and adventure?
  • Big cities with lots to do and see?
  • National monuments and historic sites?

Getting down to the details, is there a lesser-known place that you love to travel to and want to share with fellow Cleveland fans? Is there a city, local or far away, that you can’t wait to take a trip to?

Jump down to the comment section and share with everyone your vacation thoughts and see what others have to share. I’ll share mine there as well!