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TE Evan Engram’s new contract, stats compared to Browns TE David Njoku

Both tight ends entered the league in 2017, Engram signed an extension after getting franchise tagged

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns have signed quite a few big contracts over the last few seasons. Each one, on their own, can be evaluated on their own merits but the sheer number of dollars given out by GM Andrew Berry has been impressive.

A positive statement about Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.

Cleveland’s contracts also, naturally, lead to comparisons when new contracts are signed at the same position. We will likely do that with RB Nick Chubb when RB Saquon Barkley signs his deal.

Sunday, TE Evan Engram agreed to a new deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars so TE David Njoku’s deal comes into focus.

Both Engram and Njoku came into the NFL as first-round picks in 2017. The Browns tight end was drafted six slots after the New York Giants took Engram.

Despite being drafted in the same year, Engram is almost a full two years older than Njoku but got his big contract a year later. We have a few details on Engram’s new deal:

By comparison, Cleveland signed Njoku to a four-year, $54.75 million deal after placing the franchise tag on their young tight end. Engram’s average per year is slightly higher than Njoku’s ($13.75 vs $13.687) but Jacksonville is giving him $7 million more in guaranteed money.

A look at career statistics shows that Engram has played in a few more games over the same time period as Njoku but produced at a higher level. In his first two seasons, with QB Eli Manning throwing him the football, Engram put up almost 1,300 yards and nine touchdowns. He had another very good year in 2020 for the Giants before his career season last year in Jacksonville with Trevor Lawrence.

  • Career highs: 115 targets, 73 receptions, 766 yards, six touchdowns
  • Career totals: 527 targets, 335 receptions, 3,594 yards, 20 touchdowns

As Cleveland fans know, the quarterback position hasn’t been stable during Njoku’s time but the athletic tight end has also struggled with untimely injuries and drops. Last year, with Jacoby Brissett and Deshaun Watson sharing QB duties, Njoku had one of his best seasons with 58 receptions for 628 yards and four touchdowns.

  • Career highs: 88 targets, 58 receptions, 639 yards, four touchdowns
  • Career totals: 320 targets, 206 receptions, 2,382, 19 touchdowns

A quick comparison of the two’s career totals quickly shows a disparity in opportunity with Engram being targeted over 200 times more than Njoku leading to 119 more receptions and 1,200 more yards. Despite that, the Jaguars pass catcher has just one more career touchdown than the Browns tight end.

Overall, Engram’s new contract pays him similarly to Njoku but for one less season. With Njoku being almost two years younger, it makes sense that Jacksonville would want a shorter deal. The two players also are a prime example of how opportunity can play a huge role in production numbers.

Are you surprised by the similarities and differences between Engram and Njoku contracts and stats? Does the number of targets change how you see both of those things?