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Browns training camp: 3 players with the most to gain

The Browns 53-man roster will be tough to make, these three have a lot to prove in training camp

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

It’s almost that time. July 22nd will be the official date that the Cleveland Browns will report to training camp for the 2023 season. However, instead of reporting to Berea, the team will be in West Virginia for the first half of training camp before coming back to Ohio in early August.

It is a crucial time as players who are fringe roster spots have to showcase why they should be on the 53-man roster once roster cuts start. In terms of what these players have to gain, they can gain a lot, especially for those who haven’t lived up to their expectations. These 3 players have the most to gain from this training camp.

Defensive tackle Perrion Winfrey

Defensive tackle Perrion Winfrey is one of the names that come to mind. His first season with the team was a bit rocky. In terms of production, he made a minimal impact but showed growth towards the end of the season but in terms of off the field, he had his problems.

It started before the season even began. Winfrey was benched for a preseason game due to showing up late to practice (it’s a first for everything) and it was a main issue that led to him getting suspended for one of the regular season games. From disciplinary issues to suffering a concussion that wasn’t sustained on the field, he had a tumultuous start to his NFL career.

However, Winfrey looks to be on the right track in terms of working out and looks to be in a better spot than he was last season:

Cleveland bolstered their defensive line this offseason via free agency/draft so Winfrey has his work cut out for him if he wants to make the team. He has the talent, there is no denying it but there is a reason why he fell to the 4th round.

Winfrey has the most to gain from this training camp because he has a chance to show he is capable of being a contributor as well as growing as a person. He’s showing the initiative but he has to showcase it to the coaching staff and his teammates that he has changed.

Wide receiver Anthony Schwartz

If there is one player that has the most to gain from training camp, it’s Anthony Schwartz.

We all know Schwartz has elite-level speed, as showcased throughout his tenure with Cleveland. However, that’s the only positive trait he possesses. In terms of catching ability or lack thereof, he struggles with it and his route running is less than ideal. Considering the moves that the Browns made at the wide receiver room, Schwartz is not a guaranteed lock to make the roster. However, he has the most to gain.

Schwartz has the speed but he has to work on developing the rest of his tools, such as his route running and his catching. If he is able to work on the two things that were mentioned, he has a chance to stay on the roster. As far as his role goes, he doesn’t necessarily have one as of this moment but he can find ways to contribute whether it’s special teams or offense.

Schwartz has to show that he can be more than just a gadget player. He will get plenty of opportunities in training camp and preseason games to get the necessary reps to show if he made the necessary strides in his game.

Tight end Harrison Bryant

This might be a surprise to some but tight end Harrison Bryant has a lot to prove for this upcoming training camp. Cleveland has tight end David Njoku who has emerged as TE1 and the Browns signed tight end Jordan Akins who has a history with Deshaun Watson dating back to their days in Houston.

Where does that leave Bryant? Bryant is on the outside looking in, he’s not a guaranteed lock to make the roster despite being drafted in the 4th round in the 2020 NFL Draft. (Editor’s Note: His adjusted contract makes him likely but not certain to make the roster) Bryant had his fair share of struggles last year after he was elevated to TE2 when the team released tight end Austin Hooper.

For Bryant, he has a lot to gain from training camp in terms of finding a role and growing as a player. Solid route running and can contribute in the running game with his blocking, Bryant can find ways to contribute. He’s not necessarily a threat in the passing game but some of it can be due to the lack of usage. Overall, Bryant will get his fair share of opportunities to prove he is worthy of a roster spot for this season.

Who do you think has the most to gain in Browns training camp?