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Browns tease alternate helmets for 2023

The white helmet is likely to return, official announcement tomorrow

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The one consistent for the Cleveland Browns has been the iconic helmet. The plain orange with the “oreo” stripe down the middle has felt like the only thing that hasn’t significantly changed around the organization over the decades and decades of futility.

For most Browns fans, that look is not just preferred but required. Significant alterations like putting a dog or elf logo on it would be sacrilegious to them. For other fans, something interesting and different would be welcomed.

Few seemed bothered when the team unveiled numbers on the side of the helmets a couple of years ago as a part of the throwback uniform but 2023 could have the biggest change ever: white helmets. The team’s social media teased as much in this video, sponsored by “Dude Wipes,” with an official announcement on Tuesday:

Sworn to secrecy a couple of months ago, DBN can confirm the white helmets will be unveiled this year. The white helmet would complete their throwback uniform:

We will get full details tomorrow but a logo is not expected to be added to the helmet but players’ numbers could be. It is likely that the helmet will be worn sparingly, perhaps only once or twice, in 2023.

How do you feel about the most dramatic change in decades to the iconic Browns helmet?