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Browns, Bengals social media beef over uniforms, helmets and history pops off on Tuesday

Today’s white helmet announcement gave way to some online banter

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns hinted on Monday that a new helmet was coming. On Tuesday, the Browns delivered with videos celebrating the past and the new, modernized-looking white helmet for 2023. Cleveland is scheduled to wear that helmet, with their throwback uniforms, for three games in 2023.

None of those games are against in-state rival Cincinnati Bengals but that didn’t stop their little brother complex from showing up. Both the Browns and Bengals tie their roots back to Paul Brown which led to similar color pallets and uniforms when Brown founded the Bengals.

Cincinnati’s social media took Cleveland’s white helmet announcement to once again bring up the comparisons but it wasn’t the success that they thought it would be:

Current Bengals owner Mike Brown’s question came with swift answers, first from one of the Browns owners:

Then from the team’s account:

A Cleveland fan also found this video of Mike Brown saying he was a Browns fan because they were the start of Cincinnati’s team:

Continuing the back and forth, Cleveland’s social media laid claim to having Ohio’s best:

The Bengals final salvo in the social media beef changed the subject but set to lay a larger claim to Paul Brown because they were founded by him and the Browns were not:

In the end, as many Cleveland fans will let us know in the comments, all that matters is on the field. The Browns have mostly owned the Bengals recently in head-to-head matchups but Cincinnati has been the much better team including a Super Bowl appearance.

All of that, starting with Paul Brown, is in the past. The future is two teams from Ohio with similar uniforms, colors and alternate helmets fighting for the AFC North crown. That start in Week 1 of the 2023 season.