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Browns new offense: Stefanski discusses, notes Deshaun Watson has ‘quite a bit’ of input

Browns offense is expected to change in 2023, Deshaun Watson and Kevin Stefanski will define it

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal Phil Masturzo / USA TODAY NETWORK

When you trade multiple first-round and other draft picks for a player, having him involved in plans is probably a good idea. Doing all of that and then paying $230 million guaranteed necessitates giving input to that player.

For the Cleveland Browns, QB Deshaun Watson will have the biggest impact on the team’s success moving forward. Outside of the draft capital given up and salary cap space used, Watson also plays the most important position in the NFL. As the Browns offense evolves in 2023, Watson should have a big voice in that.

RB Nick Chubb will still have a huge role in the new direction of the offense but a quarterback is key in all modern offenses.

Reporters tried to get more information out of HC Kevin Stefanski but, as expected, the offensive play-caller gave little information:

It is interesting that he noted at the end of that clip that they are working on figuring out what works during training camp. How much will Watson be involved?

“When a quarterback likes a play, I like a play” perfectly encapsulates the marriage between a play-caller and a quarterback in the NFL. Stefanski also discussed the need to figure out what works for everyone on the offense:

Like it or not, Cleveland’s offense is likely to run the ball less than they did in 2022 when they had the fifth most attempts, 532, in the NFL. After having the 22nd most passing attempts, 540, last year, it will be interesting if the Browns get close to the top 10 (around 600 attempts) in 2023.

Cleveland paid the price to acquire Watson and now will depend on their quarterback to help create the right offense and produce winning football on the field. Nothing less should be expected.