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AFC North stat leader prediction: One Browns player makes the list, not Nick Chubb

Najee Harris leading the division in rushing might be what made Nick Chubb laugh in this picture

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

We are oh so close to the start of actual football on the field with the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets opening up the 2023 preseason schedule Thursday for the Hall of Fame Game.

Until then, we get a bunch of highlight videos, thoughts on who can be the Browns third running back and, for more teams than just Cleveland, a lot of injury updates...


With the Browns having a lot to prove, most predictions are middling for the team. This roster, this coaching staff and, especially, this QB hasn’t proven enough. RB Nick Chubb, on the other hand, has proven a ton including being in the top three in rushing yards the last two seasons and three of the last four.

Chubb has also led the AFC North in rushing yards since 2019 but USA Today’s stat leader prediction piece thinks someone else takes that title this year:

After a bit of a down year given his tremendous rookie season, Najee Harris looks to bounce back in a big way. Thanks in part to his revamped offensive line, as well as an improved passing attack under second year quarterback Kenny Pickett. The Steelers are still going to want to base their offense around the talented runner, and Harris is going to have every opportunity to tote the rock with little competition for carries.

As a rookie, Harris had 1,200 yards rushing.

DE Myles Garrett was predicted to lead the division, which includes T.J. Watt and a number of other quality pass rushers, in sacks:

With yet another dominant season for the young defensive phenom, Myles Garett looks to casually glide his way into a repeat double digit sack performance. Between the unbelievable natural talent and the dedication to his craft, Garrett has proven to be unlockable by the vast majority of NFL tackles and must be respected along the defensive line. Pairing him with newly acquired free agent Za’Darius Smith will make it difficult for teams to dedicate too much attention his away. Perhaps a twenty sack season is in his future?

Earlier we covered, from NFL Network, a prediction that Garrett would break the sack record this season.

What would surprise you more, Chubb not leading the division in rushing yards or Garrett leading the division in sacks?