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Biggest sports “boom” in your lifetime?

As you await a chance to light off or watch fireworks, what sports “boom” is the biggest in your life?

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers-Championship Celebration Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With July 4th falling on a Tuesday, many people will be rolling into work late on Wednesday after staying up late for a 15-25 minute firework spectacular. While children, pets and some with traumatic experiences hate the big booms in the sky, for others it is a patriotic gesture and something to look forward to and save up for all year.

For sports fans, the word “fireworks” takes on another meaning. While fans of the Cleveland Browns haven’t had a lot of “boom” experiences, the Cleveland Cavaliers have won a title, the Ohio State Buckeyes have taken home a lot of hardware and the Cleveland Indians/Guardians have been to a few World Series.

Thinking of all the booms in the sky for July 4th makes us wonder what is the biggest sports “boom” in your lifetime.

For me, in my 40s, the Cavs title tops the list of amazing and the Buckeyes' success has been awesome (but expected). There is actually two non-championship related sports “booms” of my lifetime, both recent, that I really hold on to emotionally:

What about for you? Join our comment section to share the biggest sports “boom” of your lifetime. That one you can’t forget, love to remember and want to see over and over again. Can’t wait to read them while watching the fireworks Tuesday night!