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PFF simulates Browns 2023 season: Results are not what many would expect

The additions of Jim Schwartz, Bubba Ventrone and talented players doesn’t impact win total expectation

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Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

With less than two weeks until the Cleveland Browns open training camp, we are all so close to real news, real practice reps and, shortly after, preseason action. As many fans note, especially on Facebook, none of it matters until the regular season starts.

That sentiment has been especially true with all of the different rankings we have covered this offseason. One seeming trend is that Pro Football Focus tends to see the positives in the Browns:

PFF is not always positive on the Browns, as noted in their power rankings before the offseason moves began, but generally sees the team very positively. Many discard their grades towards Cleveland as biased so when they have a negative spin on things, we take notice.

In their simulation of the 2023 NFL season, PFF has the Browns win total at 7.96. Compared to Draft Kings, which set the total at 9.5, PFF is pretty low on Cleveland’s hopes in 2023. Their projections have them last in the AFC North once again with Cincinnati (11.36) with the highest total in the league, Pittsburgh at a surprising 9.19 and Baltimore coming in third (8.57).

An eight-win season would lead to massive changes for the Browns during or after the season. Missing the playoffs the last two seasons, winning eight games in 2021 and seven in 2022, GM Andrew Bery and/or HC Kevin Stefanski would have a hard time explaining another losing season given all the assets (both draft, cap and cash) that have been spent on this team.

Join the conversation below in the comments, which prediction do you think is closer to accurate: PFF with 8 wins or Draft Kings with 9.5?