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What Eagles media has to say about the Browns from the first joint practice

Here’s another perspective on the 2023 Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles are once again matching up in joint practices in advance of their Thursday night preseason game. We’ve already had three injury scares in the first practice and very few highlight videos due to the Eagles' media regulations.

While we are all used to getting updates from Camryn Justice, Tony Grossi, Zak Jackson, Fred Greetham and the rest of the Browns beat writers, we also wanted to get a feel for what Philadelphia’s beat was saying about the visitors this week. One of which took at jab at Cleveland’s team on Sunday.

On the first day of practice, we got a lot of interesting notes from the Eagles beat writers:

Myles Garrett Impressing

Defensive Line as a Whole Controlling the Great Philly OLine

Despite the early jab at the team, and numerous comments from Eagles fans deriding him as a shock jock type, Eliot Shorr-Parks was keeping the stats:

Browns Corners Playing Tough Against Top-Flight WRs

Despite the lauding and despite Martin Emerson being in the right place here against one of the best in the league, A.J. Brown, the Philly receiver still pulls it in:

A good sign that the quicker receiver was matched up with Denzel Ward while the bigger receiver was working with Emerson. DC Jim Schwartz wants to play to his players’ strengths and this is a sign of it.

Cleveland’s Offensive Line Struggles Versus Great Defensive Line

Deshaun Watson Not Looking Crisp

To be fair, as noted by the same beat group, Jalen Hurts didn’t look good today either but he has far less to prove.

Not Great From Cleveland’s Receivers

We will be back tomorrow with even more from Eagles writers including summary notes about what they saw from the Browns.