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Community Convo: What would you ask Kevin Stefanski in a media session?

Fans and detractors alike, what would you ask the Browns head coach?

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Full disclosure, this is a little bit of crowd sourcing because I rarely believe I have the best thoughts, ideas, etc. I have some pretty good ones but why not engage our great DBN community who love the Cleveland Browns while also, perhaps, helping engage HC Kevin Stefanski better today?

We all know there are many people who do not think that Stefanski is doing a good job with the Browns. The easiest way to judge a professional team and coach is their record, Cleveland’s hasn’t been good enough the last two seasons. Others focus on certain play calling, his personality and some of the drama that has surrounded the team.

On the other hand, there are very optimistic, process-oriented folks who see how Stefanski calmed the storms of the 2020 COVID-limited season to bring the team to the playoffs. Those looking at the positives will note how the Browns head coach has brought the best out of Baker Mayfield and Jacoby Brissett despite some obvious limitations. His calm demeanor is considered a steadying presence for these fans.

Today’s practice will see me return to the sidelines as a member of the media in Berea. While doing so on a regular basis is unlikely, I try to get to at least one training camp practice and a few practices throughout the season to check in on the team.

If you were me today, you have a couple of hours before we meet with Stefanski, what questions would you ask? Remember that you would be trying not to get kicked out, trying not to repeat questions he’s already answered (like ‘are you going to bring in competition for Cade York?’) and want to get a meaningful response.

Jump into our comment section below and share your question with me: