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NFL sets official trade deadline date

Rosters are just now set and we already have news about the NFL trade deadline

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK

We just found out about 53-man rosters and practice squads, at least the initial ones for every team. Now, with a week and a half (for most teams) until the start of the regular season, there are a few little details left to take care including the NFL setting the trade deadline date.

The trade deadline in the NBA and MLB have always outshined the one in the NFL until recently. With younger GMs, teams are more willing to make moves and get creative if they are in contention.

The Cleveland Browns have been freeing up salary cap space at an alarming rate for 2023. While we know that a majority of it is for rollover purposes next season, it does open up possibilities at the NFL trade deadline.

A spooky deadline could be ahead:

Last year, many thought the Browns would be sellers at the deadline but a Halloween destruction of the Cincinnati Bengals led GM Andrew Berry to hold on to players like RB Kareem Hunt (pictured above dressed up for that Halloween game).

Cleveland will have played seven games prior to the trade deadline including two days prior out in Seattle. A winning record could lead Berry to be aggressive in acquiring players but, given everything on the line in 2023, it is unlikely that a losing record would lead to a fire sale.

Do you get excited about the NFL trade deadline? Anyone in particular you are hoping the Browns will pursue?