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Amari Cooper, Elijah Moore continue to show connection with Deshaun Watson

Great route running has helped the QB, WR connection in Browns training camp

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

As Cleveland Browns training camp rolls on, fans only get brief moments to see the stars of the team. In the Hall of Fame game, an extra preseason game for the two teams playing in it, 37 players sat out including most the starters and key players.

We will have to wait until Friday morning, or later, to find out which players will be on the field for the Browns second preseason game.

So far, Cleveland’s training camp has had excitement for both the play of the offense and defense at different times. QB Deshaun Watson, WR Amari Cooper and WR Elijah Moore have really stood out for the offense.

For Watson, coming off a less than perfect six games in 2022, Cooper and Moore have become both safety blankets and explosive players in the passing game. It is rare that players can be both but Cooper and Moore have a unique blend of precise route running and explosiveness that allow it.

Watson is quickly finding out he can feel confident in both of his receivers to be exactly where they are supposed to be despite good coverage. On Sunday, highlights showed exactly that.

First, Cooper put a great double move on CB Martin Emerson and was exactly where Watson knew he would be going into the endzone. The QB hit his WR in stride:

Then, with CB Denzel Ward in good position, Watson found Moore on a deep ball that the the receiver went up and pulled in:

Both plays showed the importance of timing between the quarterback and receiver as well as how Watson’s accuracy and ball placement is key.

Having two receivers that run great routes, have good hands and are explosive is a rare thing in the NFL. In Cooper and Moore, Watson has two of those players.