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Joe Burrow’s injury update from Bengals head coach is vague

Zac Taylor isn’t giving away too much information on Burrow’s injury

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As we shared about Cleveland Browns HC Kevin Stefanski’s discussion about the team’s injuries, the NFL doesn’t require overly detailed accuracy during the preseason. For fantasy football owners and fans of the Cincinnati Bengals, as well as those with betting interests, QB Joe Burrow’s injury updates are vital but vague.

Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase doesn’t want his quarterback to rush back, not only for Week 1 against the Browns but for several weeks.

When Burrow was initially injured, Cincinnati’s HC Zac Taylor said that the quarterback would be out “several weeks.” Now, almost two weeks after the injury, Taylor’s update on Burrow’s status is barely an update:

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “several” as “more than two and fewer than many.” Trying to narrow them in, the dictionary company defines “many” as “a large but indefinite number.”

For Burrow, he will hit “several weeks” no earlier than this Friday (more than two weeks after the injury) and no later than Thursday, 8/17.

The Cincinnati star quarterback was walking around at practice today (we will let others analyze his gait):

As Taylor is being purposely vague, we can’t hold him to the dictionary’s definition. Instead, we will continue to wait on more updates from the team until we get to Week 1 in Cleveland. Then, due to NFL rules, the Bengals will be required to provide as accurate information as possible about Burrow’s status both in each day’s practice and then in anticipation of the game.