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Browns Love & Hate: Week 1 versus Bengals

A lot to love, a few things to hate in the 24-3 Browns victory

It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t pretty. It doesn’t matter because it was a win, a convincing one. It was great. It was lovely. It was a dominating victory for the Cleveland Browns versus the Cincinnati Bengals in their Week 1 matchup in the AFC North.

The Browns defense is the story of the game. RB Nick Chubb continues to be the key to the offense’s success but, unlike last year, DE Myles Garrett isn’t alone on the team’s defensive line. While QB Joe Burrow was limited by his calf injury and the rain, being held to just 82 yards on 14 of 31 passing.

The Bengals waived the white flag with over five minutes left in the game. Prior to that, Cincinnati’s vaunted offense had 141 total net yards for the day, compared to Cleveland’s 343 at that same time.

It is just one game but a huge AFC North victory for the Browns. As the game was going on, a few things stood out as things loved and hated.

  • Love: Browns defensive line early
  • Hate: How many hits Deshaun Watson took
  • Love: RB Nick Chubb running the ball, as always
  • Hate: RB Jerome Ford’s fumble
  • Love: Play of the defensive backs
  • Hate: The injury to Jack Conklin
  • Love: QB Joe Burrow’s struggles with rain, his calf
  • Hate: Watson’s throws in the rain
  • Love: DE Myles Garrett showing everyone that OL Orlando Brown was overpaid
  • Hate: Inconsistency of the offense.
  • Love: Safety Grant Delpit’s play all game long in coverage, run defense and rushing Burrow in the 4th
  • Hate: Guess I’m done with those!!!!!
  • Love: Garrett’s 4th down sack!
  • Love: Man-to-man defense
  • Love: Sure tackling
  • Love: Special teams after the first kick coverage
  • Love: Rookie OL Dawand Jones didn’t look totally outmatched, looked good overall
  • Love: Bengals waiving the white flag with more than five minutes left in the game

Browns fans, it is time to celebrate together but we know it wasn’t perfect. Jump into the comment section below and share what you loved and hate about this game: