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Browns fans 95% confident in the direction of the team, and chalk up Watson’s struggles to the rain

See who took home Week 1 MVP honors for the Browns too.

Each week during season, Cleveland Browns fans vote in SB Nation Reacts to express their confidence level in the team or their thoughts on other topics.

The confidence polls are back, and after the Browns’ Week 1 victory over the Bengals, 95% of fans are confident in the direction of the team. The defensive performance in particular was a sight to see, as I’m sure fans are counting on that group keeping things up, while the passing game can hopefully improve. Fan confidence in the Steelers was at 37% after their Week 1 loss to the 49ers.

The first question asked what fans blamed QB Deshaun Watson’s Week 1 problems on: the rain, or the same type of rust from a year ago. Fans were pretty split on the matter, but 58% of them are attributing his misfires against the Bengals to the weather conditions. The other question was about who the Browns’ MVP was in the victory over Cincinnati. RB Nick Chubb got the majority of support at 43%, while S Grant Delpit had 28% and DE Myles Garrett had 15%, followed by K Dustin Hopkins at 14%. I do wonder sometimes how a poll like this would differ in the results if I had only included one defensive player in the options. For example, if I had only included Delpit, would Garrett’s 15% of votes all gone toward Delpit?

On the national poll, fans are picking the Browns to beat the Steelers this Monday.

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