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Update: Nick Chubb goes down with knee injury, Kevin Stefanski confirms OUT for season

Cart comes out as Browns running back grabs left knee

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers game on Monday Night Football has not been pretty and things got even worse in the second quarter. RB Nick Chubb took a handoff in the red zone, and after gaining a few yards, he took a hard hit on his left knee.

Steelers players called to the sidelines as Chubb refused to allow his teammates to help him up. ESPN refused to show a replay of the hit immediately saying it was disturbing to watch. There was a replay on the stadium feed and you could hear fans in the seats audibly gasp.

The injury cart was brought out quickly and took Chubb from the field:

Chubb dealt with a major knee injury to the same knee in college but has avoided major injuries on the NFL level. In Week 1, Chubb led the team with over 100 yards rushing and already had 64 yards on 10 carries.

RB Jerome Ford took over for Chubb.

Browns players came over to console Chubb and Pittsburgh’s fans chanted his name and gave him a standing ovation as he was carted off.

Cleveland ruled Chubb out of the game quickly.


In our first update since the injury, the Browns fear the worst with almost exactly the same injuries noted as the ones he had in college to the same knee:

Update #2:

Confirmed that Cleveland will not have their best offensive player this season:

We will keep you up to date on any information that becomes available on Chubb’s injury.