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Video: Refs miss clear penalty on last pass to Donovan Peoples-Jones

Deshaun Watson’s throw was not good but a hold or pass interference should have been called

Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns defense played well once again. Not perfect but good enough to win. The Browns offense, despite having over 400 yards, was terrible. Whether it was QB Deshaun Watson’s poor throws, holding the ball or bad decision making, TE Harrison Bryant and Elijah Moore failing to catch the ball or the offensive line actually blocking defenders for a few seconds, it was bad.

Despite all of that, if Bryant catches the first pass of the game or Jedrick Wills gets a hand on Alex Highsmith before the fumble recovery for a touchdown, Cleveland could have come out of the game with a victory.

Even kicker Dustin Hopkins making a 42-yarder in the first quarter could have greatly impacted the outcome of the game.

At the end of the game was another issue. With the ball just over midfield, Watson’s throw was outside of Donovan Peoples-Jones who was held and then interfered with as seen in this video:

Either call would have given the Browns a first down and another chance to win the game. Given the way the offense was playing, we wouldn’t assume Cleveland would have scored but would have had a minute left on the clock and the ball either moved five yards (holding call) or to the spot of the foul.

A better throw by Watson could have gotten a call

In the end, the Browns offense was the problem and cost the team the game.