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Surprising good news for Browns Nick Chubb’s injury

The fears were overstated for Nick Chubb’s injuries and return concern

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When the Cleveland Browns lost RB Nick Chubb during their Monday Night Football matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers, fans were torn up. The best player on the offense, the quiet, humble hero that has kept the team afloat through his entire tenure in Cleveland, Chubb was the heart and soul of the team without saying a word.

When Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick hit Chubb’s knee, the visual was so bad that ESPN refused to show it at first. Reports came out that he may have torn all three major knee ligaments and had a dislocated knee cap.

The very same injury to the very same knee that he had in college as a Georgia Bulldogs star.

Those fears seemed confirmed when Chubb was placed on injured reserve. HC Kevin Stefanski didn’t have more information to share but it seemed grim for Cleveland’s star.

Until Saturday before Week 3. A new report says Chubb “only” torn his MCL:

It was important to place the word only in quotes as it is still a major injury with significant recovery time.

Ian Rapoport noted that Chubb may still face an ACL surgery:

Sources say tests showed Chubb suffered a torn MCL, which will be surgically repaired next week. While his ACL did sustain some damage, it was not fully torn.

Given concerns about what the injury could mean for his future, if it was as bad as initially feared, this is great news for the Browns and their star running back.

How surprised are you about this news?