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If the Browns... I will feel... Predict your Sunday late afternoon

How will Sunday’s result impact your mood?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns fans don’t live or die with their team but it is darn close. Universally (as much as possible these days) accepted as the greatest fans in the country, Browns fans haven’t had a lot to be excited about, cheer about or to puff their chest out about.

Yet, every year, we see the Cleveland fans decked out in their orange and brown colors. Displaying the team name of the very team that has made Sundays (and Mondays) difficult for a few decades now.

Monday Night Football felt different with Nick Chubb’s injury and the brutal loss to the rival, not very good Pittsburgh Steelers.

The good news for Browns fans is that the NFL sets up an opportunity for hope every week, like clockwork.

In Week 3, Cleveland returns home and welcomes the Tennessee Titans into their building. The Titans have a struggling offense, a solid defense and a well coached group of players. The Browns have a desperate need to win the game.

For you, the fans, we want to look ahead a little bit and share your thoughts with each other in our comment section on four realistic possibilities.

If the Browns:

  • Win a close game against the Titans where the offense looks pedestrian OR
  • Lose a close game against the Titans where the offense looks pedestrian OR
  • Get blown out by the Titans due to poor play across the board OR
  • Blow out the Titans with a good game on all sides of the ball...

... I will feel?

Share your thoughts on the four outcomes and how they will impact your Sunday and Monday!