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Browns Love & Hate: Week 3 versus Titans

Very little to hate from the Week 3 victory!

After a terrible game on Monday Night Football in Week 2, the Cleveland Browns welcomed the Tennessee Titans into their building for Week 3. A battle of two AFC teams that hoped to be playoff contenders.

The Browns, primarily their fans, needed this complete and total victory over the Titans. The stats coming out of the game, specifically the disparity between the two teams, will be interesting.

For now, we focus on some things that I loved and hated

  • Love: Browns defensive line
  • Hate: How many hits Deshaun Watson took, again including on runs
  • Love: DE Myles Garrett ending the Titans 2nd quarter drive with a sack, no points
  • Hate: How easy DeAndre Hopkins made a couple of really difficult plays look
  • Love: WR Donovan Peoples-Jones getting involved in the 3rd quarter
  • Hate: That RB Derrick Henry looks toasted, age isn’t nice to running backs
  • Love: By late in the third quarter, seven players had attempted a run, no one can replace Chubb
  • Hate: WRs Elijah Moore and Marquise Goodwin don’t seem comfortable cutting reverses/end arounds upfield and instead keep going to the sidelines
  • Love: RB Kareem Hunt getting a few moments to thrive
  • Hate: OL struggling in protection too often even if Watson isn’t holding the ball
  • Love: Secondary playing well despite Greg Newsome being out
  • Hate: No matter what, many of us struggle to be optimistic (Feeling uncertain up 20-3 at the start of the 4th quarter)
  • Love: DE Alex Wright getting in on the action, huge defender getting time to develop
  • Hate: TEN continuing to run QB Ryan Tannehill out there when Malik Willis has upside
  • Love: WR Amari Cooper making defenders look stupid and forcing penalties
  • Hate: Watson ran the sneak on 4th down, not the safest plan
  • Love: Watson audible to run a sneak himself on 4th down when everyone assumed he wouldn’t do it
  • Hate: That Cleveland lost a game last week that they shouldn’t have
  • Love: Deep ball from Watson to Cooper
  • Hate: How high my expectations are for the defense, they’ll have a bad game at some point and I’ll be pissed
  • Love: That I sort of have to make up some hates for this game
  • Hate: Star defenders still on the field up 24 late in the 4th quarter
  • Love: QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson getting some time at the end of the game
  • Hate: DTR throwing a block late in the game on a running play

A basically perfect game for the Browns, how are you feeling as the team moves to 2-1?