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Monday Night Football, Week 3: Eagles vs. Buccaneers, Rams vs. Bengals betting odds, pick

Browns fans can also use this as an open thread.

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Monday Night Football was not kind to the Browns last week, but they bounced back in Week 3. Now, we get to sit back and enjoy the two games featured this week, both of which are great-looking match-ups. First up is the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, two teams that are 2-0. The Eagles’ offense hasn’t quite gotten going, but they’ve held it together defensively. The Buccaneers, meanwhile, are playing very well offensively under Baker Mayfield, and some Browns fans are sure to be eager to see him in action tonight. I’m on an island with respect to picking the Buccaneers to win in an upset. Buccaneers 24, Eagles 23

The other game features the Los Angeles Rams vs. the Cincinnati Bengals. Matthew Stafford has propped up the Rams’ offense a little again, but the bigger story here is the state of the Bengals, who are 0-2 to begin the season. With the rest of the AFC North relatively thriving, Cincinnati can’t afford to fall 2.5 games back of everyone else to begin the year. I am picking the Bengals to get their offense back on track early in the game. Bengals 31, Rams 21

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the Eagles are 5.5 point favorites against the Buccaneers, and the Bengals are 3 point favorites against the Rams.

The rest of the DBN staff picks for the game are below. You can use this as your open thread for the game.