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Ravens defender excited to ‘beat their tails in front of their wife and kids’ in Cleveland

Roquan Smith joins Ja’Marr Chase in talking trash toward the Browns

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Until the Cleveland Browns prove that they can be a great team year after year, the team’s history will linger with them. That history has led to a lack of respect from players and media. Some would say that history is why game officials often seem to miss calls that go against the Browns.

In Week 1, Cincinnati Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase was a great example of this as he said “Cleveland is Cleveland” and called the team “the Elves.” Even after the game ended with the Bengals on the wrong side of a lopsided affair, Chase doubled down on those statements.

Going into Week 4 against the Baltimore Ravens, things haven’t changed. This time, LB Roquan Smith made it a little more personal by talking about players’ families:

Smith’s comments are more subdued than the quote pulled from the video as he credits the Browns players with being tough and he expects them to defend their house in front of their families.

Despite that, Cleveland players are likely to focus on the one-sentence quote as bulletin board material.

Browns fans have no love for the team that was stolen from their city. Often referred to as “The Ratbirds,” Baltimore has been a good, stable franchise for a long time. Cleveland will continue to hear these types of things until the team on the field becomes a good, stable franchise as well.

What do you think of what Smith says? Trash talk or appropriate statements about being a visiting team?