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Spooky season: Local radio seemingly will influence Browns fans game day experience

The return of Halloween third down music?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

What is old always becomes new. Whether it is fashion, hairstyles or music, most things that are popular become “overplayed” to the point that they are not popular anymore before making a comeback. Most of the time that process takes centuries.

For the Cleveland Browns, the most important return would be the team as a winning franchise from so many decades ago. As we wait and watch, hoping that happens, it seems that local radio has succeeded in their push for the return of Halloween music, likely on third downs:

At one point, the Browns were using a Michael Myers-themed video on third downs which is likely what will return:


We now have an idea where this push started, at least recently, as one “Browns take” (from a long-time sports friend of mine) and a retweet (from a new sports media friend of mine) put things in motion (according to another friend of mine):

Unfortunately, fans would often try to get pumped up for these third downs only to see the opponent convert over and over again:

Maybe two things can return together with the Browns returning to their winning ways while the Halloween third-down call echoes through the stadium. Even the stadium reverted back to just being called Cleveland Browns Stadium this year.

What's new is old, hopefully in all good ways for the Browns.

Do you care at all about the potential return of Halloween music on third downs?