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Browns fans, who is the most disliked Ravens player of all time?

We know Art Modell is the most hated connected to the team stolen from Cleveland but what about on the field?

NFL: SEP 17 Ravens at Bengals Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The details for Cleveland Browns fans when it comes to the Baltimore Ravens are key. The Ravens are not the former Browns, they were the team stolen from Cleveland. The Browns didn’t fire Bill Belichick, that was Baltimore.

Details matter.

When it comes to the Ravens, the hatred from Cleveland is palpable while it seems that Baltimore has been mostly apathetic in return. The Ravens have mostly controlled the matchup between the two teams, winning 35 of the 48 contests.

When it comes to disliked people associated with the Baltimore organization Art Modell leads the way and their is a huge gap to figure out who number 2 is. As one of few people with strong connections with both organizations, Ozzie Newsome had an amazing career as a Browns tight end then became a great executive with the Ravens.

Cleveland fans hated to hate how great Newsome was as a Baltimore executive.

With two former Browns players on the Ravens this year, there is some dislike between the two teams. Both Odell Beckham Jr. and Jadeveon Clowney had inauspicious endings in Cleveland. While Beckham won’t be able to play due to injury, Clowney has to shoulder a huge load with two edge defenders out for Baltimore.

Historically, the Ravens have caused a lot of problems for the Browns and have had their share of villainous players but, Cleveland fans, who is your most disliked Baltimore player of all time?