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What season almost made you quit on your Browns fandom?

Going into what hopes to be a positive 2023, Browns fans have lots of reasons to be pessimistic

Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Being a Cleveland Browns fan has to be one of the most difficult fandoms in the world. Growing up in Sandusky, Ohio, rooting for the Browns wasn’t a choice it was a requirement. One that I am so glad, overall, to have thrown on me from my family and community.

Anywhere I go with orange and brown gear on, I hear from fellow fans or from opposing fanbases about the loyalty it takes and is seen from Cleveland fans.

The 2023 Browns are setup to be good but fans have grown to be pessimistic. In different ways, we assume failure is just around the corner. For good reason, failure has not only always been around the corner but its busted down our door time and time again.

Cleveland fans have experienced almost every negative possibility in the world and keep coming back for more. That is why when we saw this question on Twitter, we had to also ask it to you, the fan:

In the comments to that tweet, we see many Browns fans discussing:

  • 1-31 AND bringing back Hue Jackson
  • “Many”
  • I feel personally attacked
  • Browns clown GIF

From Red Right 88, The Fumble, The Drive, Johnny Manziel, multiple “new hopes,” winless season and, for some, the trade for Deshaun Watson, and so many other experiences/seasons/decisions have given fans sadness, negativity, grieving and, for a moment, the thought of giving up.

Join our comment section below and share a time when you thought about giving up on your Browns fandom.