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Nick Chubb has successful surgery, will have another: Expected back “at some point” in ’24

Saturday’s update is not as positive as the one 11 days ago

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns have the Baltimore Ravens coming to town in Week 4 of the NFL with both teams sitting at 2-1. If RB Nick Chubb was still healthy, the Browns might be 3-0 and feel much better about this week’s game against their AFC North rivals.

Chubb went down with a gruesome injury against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2. The initial fears were the same multiple injuries to the same knee that he suffered in college with the Georgia Bulldogs. The video of the hit and those early reports had some wondering if Cleveland’s star running back would be able to return to his career.

A day before the Browns Week 3 victory over the Tennessee Titans, multiple reports came out that the only major injury was a torn MCL for Chubb but that his ACL was also damaged. Those reports raised hopes with some around Cleveland (mostly on social media and radio call-ins) wondering if their star back could return in time for the playoffs or Super Bowl.

The day before the Browns vs. Ravens, less than positive news came out after Chubb’s MCL was successfully repaired but an ACL surgery is in his future. The wording “He’s expected back at some point in 2024” puts early next year in question:

That Chubb will have to wait until “the coming months” could greatly impact his return next season. While ACL repairs have gotten better, many still don’t feel comfortable with their knees until a year after their surgery.

From the worst-case scenario initially to the best-case a week ago and now somewhere in between, how are you feeling about Chubb’s injury now? Share you thoughts with your fellow Browns fans in our comment section below