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Join the Dawgs By Nature 2023 Survivor contest

Dawgs Ny Nature is running a free Survivor contest this year with a prize for the winners. Join below and bookmark this page so you can make your pick each week.

NFL: AUG 11 Preseason - Commanders at Browns Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This season, we are excited to announce a Survivor contest for Dawgs By Nature to kick off the regular season! There will be a $250 prize for whoever ends up winning the contest that begins in Week 1. If you get eliminated early, there will be a second-chance contest starting in Week 5 with a $100 prize.

If you aren't familiar with how a Survivor contest works, here it is in a nutshell:

For Week 1, you pick a team that you think is a lock to win. If you are correct, you advance to Week 2. However, if your Week 1 game ends in a loss or tie, you are eliminated from the Survivor contest.

You cannot use a team twice, though. If you picked the Cleveland Browns to win in Week 1 and they win, then in Week 2, you can pick any team in the NFL except the Browns to win. The contest continues until only one person is left standing. If you forget to make a pick one week, you are eliminated. If there is a tie at the end, the prize money will be split evenly among the winners.

There are some strategies you have to think about. For example, you may think the Kansas City Chiefs are the top team in football. But do you want to waste them in Week 1? Or would you rather save the Chiefs for a tougher week, and go with the San Francisco 49ers over a weak team like the Rams? However, any upset will immediately end your game. We hope you'll join us in participating!