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Former Browns coach defends Cleveland fanbase after low loyalty ranking

Silly season in lots of ways but Browns fans should never catch strays

Kansas City Chiefs v Cleveland Browns

There are many things to question about the Cleveland Browns. Whether we are talking about concerns going into the 2023 season or the majority of the team’s last few decades. Questioning the Browns fans is the quintessential silliness and/or clickbait.

Cleveland fans are, in general, passionate, engaged, loyal and smart. Like all fanbases, not every fan is as dedicated (or not as dedicated) as the majority of a team’s fans.

Browns fans can be found everywhere in the world, supported their team through decades of mediocrity (or worse) and stuck around despite the team moving.

Yet, somehow, a “study” was done and the Cincinnati Bengals supposedly have the most loyal fanbase in the NFL and, even more surprisingly, Cleveland was ranked last.

Former Browns coach Blake Williams, linebackers coach under his father Gregg Williams, was befuddled:

The list is an interesting one with some of the strongest fanbases near the top with the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs while the Pittsburgh Steelers, another historic group of fans, join Cleveland in the bottom third of the league.

The more important story is not the clickbait article but a coach, that did not have a ton of success or acclaim with the Browns, was so impacted by the fanbase that he had to come back to defend them on social media.

Join our comment section below to talk about “loyal” fans. Would you put the Browns at the top? If not, who? In your experience, who are the top five fanbases in the NFL?