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Browns fans think Cleveland will win a nail-biter over Cincinnati; could see Chubb with minimal carries

The Battle of Ohio isn’t as exciting as Aaron Rodgers’ debut.

Each week during season, Cleveland Browns fans vote in SB Nation Reacts to express their confidence level in the team or their thoughts on other topics.

The confidence polls will resume next week, after we have evidence of how the team performs in the regular season. This week’s questions revolved around the Bengals vs. Browns game this Sunday.

The first question asked what fans think the outcome of Sunday’s game will be. 50% of fans think the Browns will win a nail-biter, while 33% think they’ll win convincingly. That means that overall, 83% of fans think the Browns will pick up the Week 1 win. For comparison sake, on a national level, more fans picked the Bengals to beat the Browns.

The other question was about how many carries RB Nick Chubb will have against the Bengals. Of the four options, 51% think it’ll be between 16-19 carries. 41% think he’ll have 20 or more carries. If the Browns win, this subject will be a non-factor. If the Browns lose and Chubb didn’t get a high number of carries, though, you can bet that it’s the first thing fans will point to in chastising head coach Kevin Stefanski.

Last, on the national poll, it was asked what the “Game of the Week” is for Week 1. There are a lot of good candidates, but of the six options, the Battle of Ohio fared the worst, receiving just 6% of the votes. I can’t blame fans who voted for the Bills vs. Jets game, as there’s a big-time curiosity of how Aaron Rodgers and all their offseason acquisitions will perform together.

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