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Emotional video: Jim Donovan talks Browns season, cancer and never giving up

The “Voice of the Browns” shares about the team and his focus on never giving up

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns have had an emotional year for a variety of reasons but the biggest was the health of the “Voice of the Browns” Jim Donovan.

In June, Donovan announced that his leukemia had returned. He was able to call Cleveland’s first game of the season before announcing that he would have to take a leave of absence due to his medical condition.

Browns player sent heartfelt messages to Donovan as we all hoped for the best for the man who has called Cleveland’s games since the team’s return in 1999.

Amazingly, Donovan was back in the booth by Week 11 when the Browns took down the Pittsburgh Steelers. He smashed a guitar and was once again able to provide a voice to Cleveland going back to the NFL playoffs.

Friday, just a day away from the Browns taking on the Houston Texans in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, we got this video of Donovan narrating the team’s season and his battle with cancer. The message is both emotional and very very clear:

We’ve shared a couple of Browns playoff hype videos (here and here) but none can touch that one from Donovan. It didn’t require music. It didn’t require screaming. It didn’t require anything but words from the “Voice of the Browns.”

On Saturday and beyond, Cleveland will “Never Give Up.”

Thank you, Jim Donovan!