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Browns fans define team's playoff expectations: 91% expect a win this week, but are split after that

Cleveland fans also expect the team to advance over Houston this Saturday.

Each week during season, Cleveland Browns fans vote in SB Nation Reacts to express their confidence level in the team or their thoughts on other topics.

After the team’s regular season finale against the Bengals last week, 95% of fans are confident in the direction of the team heading to the postseason, compared to a 97% confidence rate in the prior week. Cleveland has had a feel-good season against the odds, but they aren't just happy to make it here: they view themselves as a serious contender, and that makes sense given the fact that they beat both Baltimore and San Francisco this year. 98% of Texans fans are confident in the direction of their team.

We asked two other questions this week, the first of which asked how fans expect Saturday's game against the Texans to go. 91% of fans are predicting a win for Cleveland.

Building off of that, we asked how far fans think Cleveland will go in the postseason. Fans are split: 28% expect the Super Bowl, 37% say the AFC Championship, 26% think the Divisional Round, while that same 9% think they'll be one-and-done.

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