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Browns 2024 NFL draft picks: Cleveland has 8 selections currently

A lot can change between now and the NFL draft

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns 2023 season was memorable but ended with a huge flop. The ending will likely leave a bad taste in many fans’ mouths but, hopefully, many can appreciate the fun season and start to look ahead.

The Browns will get a large swath of players back from injuries next season starting with Nick Chubb, three offensive tackles and Deshaun Watson. Cleveland does have a long list of free agents but only a few are priorities to get to return.

Following the Browns playoff loss, we provided an early mock NFL Draft. In that draft, we made a trade to add picks to help overcome any free-agent losses.

For reference this offseason, here is a list of Cleveland’s current draft picks going into the 2024 NFL draft:

The actual selection numbers will depend on the finish of the playoffs and compensatory picks being distributed. The Browns are not expected to acquire any comp picks for players but could if Glenn Cook or Katherine Raiche are hired by another team as their general manager.