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Browns coaching staff: Team interviewing for position still occupied

Ryan Crow is interviewing for Ben Bloom’s job coaching the defensive line

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns are busy moving quickly on their coaching staff despite no official news coming from the team. While there have been reports, we have to also consider the news as potentially Browns coaching staff rumors. A couple of years ago Chris Kiffin had reportedly/rumored to leave Cleveland only to then stay on for another year.

Wednesday came reports that OC Alex Van Pelt, RB coach Stump Mitchell and TE coach T.C. McCartney were being let go. We then had a report/rumor that Duce Staley, once star NFL running back and recent assistant head coach, was already in town for an interview.

The latest report for Cleveland’s coaching staff is a more confusing one:

With the Tennessee Titans seeking a new head coach, allowing Ryan Crow to interview with the Browns makes sense from their end. The problem is that Cleveland still has a defensive line coach, Ben Bloom.

According to other reports, Bloom’s status is up in the air at the moment:

Based on the above report, Bloom is not returning to his defensive line coach role next year if he returns at all. He has been with the Browns on two occasions including since 2020. Last year was his first under DC Jim Schwartz as he was retained from former DC Joe Woods’ staff.

Cleveland’s defensive line was seen as the most improved part of the team and a key reason the team won 11 games in 2023. While Schwartz did not have a history with Bloom, the results were promising.

Crow has two years of experience with Schwartz from their shared time with the Titans in 2021 and 2022. He’s coached Tennessee’s outside linebackers for the last three years after spending three seasons between defensive assistant and special teams.

We will keep you updated on all the Browns reports and rumors as we go throughout the offseason.

How surprised are you that Cleveland might move on from Bloom after the defensive line had a good season?