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Community Convo: Will new coaches have impact on 2024 season outcomes?

The NFL offseason is just begining for the Browns but coaching changes are in progress

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

For the Cleveland Browns, the 2024 NFL offseason started sooner than they wanted but, if everyone is being honest, a week later than most expected during the middle of the season. With injuries galore (Browns fans know them by heart at this point) and performance struggles littering the team, Cleveland’s season was one to celebrate.

Browns HC Kevin Stefanski has started the coaching staff shakeup with three reportedly off the staff. The interview process is early with a former star running back, a defensive line coach and the first offensive coordinator candidate all set to or already interviewed.

For most fans and media, it is hard to know how much impact coaches below coordinators have in the NFL. We learn their names over the years but what they do that changes the outcomes of games is mostly left to guessing, media inferences and things said by players.

We saw the impact of DC Jim Schwartz and special teams coordinator Bubba Ventrone last year. Will the change from Alex Van Pelt, Stump Mitchell and T.C. McCartney be seen?

For this week’s community conversation, we come to you to hear what you think. Given the current positions reportedly available, how much impact do you think the new coaches will actually have on the team?

If Stefanski hands over play-calling duties, but not the actual design of the offense, does that change your answer?

Join the DBN community in the comment section below to share your thoughts