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Browns 2023 season: Turnovers, both good and bad, telling the tale

The NFL playoffs loom but can the Browns keep getting takeaways but stop the fumbles and INTs?

NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest story around the Cleveland Browns all year has been injuries which has given way to the next biggest story, QB Joe Flacco’s resurgence. The Browns are working through plans for Week 18, including with Flacco, as they prepare for the NFL playoffs as the fifth seed.

Despite all the success that Flacco has had with Cleveland, he has been unable to break the trend of quarterbacks turning the ball over. In five games, the veteran quarterback has eight interceptions. PJ Walker had five in six games, Deshaun Watson had four in six games and Dorian Thompson-Robinson had four in parts of eight games.

Watson also lost two fumbles while the other three quarterbacks lost one apiece.

On the other side of the ball, the defense has been getting turnovers to help balance things out. Following Thursday Night Football, the Browns led the league in both giving the ball away and creating turnovers:

Following the completion of the rest of Week 17’s games, Cleveland still leads the league in turnovers given away but is tied for third, behind the Baltimore Ravens with 29, in turnovers caused.

Come playoff time, injuries won’t be forgotten but they will not be an excuse or reason if the Browns win or lose games. Turnovers, likely, will be.

Can the Cleveland defense keep up their positive relationship with turnovers while the offense buttons things up a little bit? After this many games, it seems unlikely we will see a significant change on either side of the ball but championship hopes might depend on it.

Do you think the Browns offense can start to minimize turnovers or is it just part of the deal with the team?