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Community Convo: Pick a team to root for or just enjoy the Championship games?

The NFL playoffs ended for the Browns but football fans still watch

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Sunday, the NFL world finds out which two teams will face off in this year’s Super Bowl to decide the champion for this season.

The Cleveland Browns join all the other teams wondering what they can do to make it to their conference championship games. The Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs have had years and years of success leading into this year’s AFC Championship Game. The San Francisco 49ers haven’t had the same length of sustained success but have been good for a few years while the Detroit Lions are new to the picture.

While we know that Browns fans, almost universally, cannot root for the Ravens in the AFC game, the NFC Championship is a different story.

The Lions are America’s sweetheart this postseason while the Niners have been knocking on the door under Kyle Shanahan.

This led us to wonder for this week’s Community Conversation: Do you choose a team to root for in these big games (including the Super Bowl) or do you just enjoy the games?

Join our great DBN community in our comment section below to share your thoughts and see what others think.