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Browns free agent Kareem Hunt undergoes surgery following the season

Hunt hits free agency after battling through an injury all year

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

Cleveland Browns free agent to be RB Kareem Hunt came back to try to help his hometown team after his good friend Nick Chubb was lost for the season due to injury. Hunt led all Browns with nine touchdowns, all rushing, in 2023.

Hunt didn’t have the explosive traits that he had in the past as seen by his 3.0 yards per carry average despite getting 135 attempts this year. That was his lowest average in a season by almost a full yard.

The seven-year pro was on the injury list most weeks, including for Cleveland’s playoff game, with a groin injury which could have been part of the issue with his production. Hunt toughed it out all year before having surgery after the season:

A “ruptured adductor” seems significant with the ESPN article describing that players usually miss six to eight weeks with that injury. That context will help Hunt as he enters free agency once again this offseason.

Last year, Hunt had a couple of teams bring him in for a visit and workout but didn’t find a deal he liked until the Browns came calling after Chubb’s injury in Week 2. His willingness to fight for the team he grew up rooting for while dealing with such an injury deserves the praise likely to come his way.

How does Hunt’s surgery and the typical 6-8 week time off for such an injury impact how you see his 2023 season?