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Browns fans want to face the Jaguars in the playoffs, pick Myles Garrett as MVP

Cleveland fans don’t want to see C.J. Stroud in round one.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Each week during season, Cleveland Browns fans vote in SB Nation Reacts to express their confidence level in the team or their thoughts on other topics.

Cleveland Browns Practice Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

After the team’s win over the Jets last week, 97% of fans are confident in the direction of the team, compared to a 93% confidence rate in the prior week. Cleveland officially clinched a playoff berth with their Thursday night win, propelling them to the most confidence fans have had all season. It was a bummer that the Ravens continued to dominate, preventing Cleveland from having a chance at the division or a first-round bye, but it is what it is. Since the Browns are locked into the No. 5 seed, they do get to rest most of their starters in Week 18 against the Bengals. 42% of Bengals fans are confident in the direction of their team after they lost to the Chiefs last week, an outcome which eliminated them from playoff contention.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

We asked two other questions this week, the first of which asked who fans hope the Browns face in the first round of the playoffs: the Jaguars, Colts, or Texans. 52% of fans hope Cleveland ends up facing the Jaguars, a team who the Browns defeated 31-27 at the beginning of December. Although the final score was close, Cleveland had a 7-14 point lead for the majority of that game.

38% of fans voted for the Colts, who was the first club who had their way with the Browns’ defense (yet P.J. Walker still squeaked out a 39-38 victory). Only 11% of fans want to play the Texans. The Browns just destroyed the Texans two weeks ago (final score of 36-22, but Cleveland was up 36-7). Why such a low percentage, then? Because C.J. Stroud is back, and with the type of success he’s had this season, I think fans don’t want to face the unknown now that he’s back from a concussion.

The other question asked fans to vote on the Browns’ regular season MVP between a series of choices. The top vote-getters ended up being:

  • DE Myles Garrett (47%)
  • K Dustin Hopkins (24%)
  • QB Joe Flacco (17%)
  • WR Amari Cooper (9%)
  • TE David Njoku (2%)
  • Other (1%)

Also on a national level, fans are picking the Browns to defeat the Bengals this Sunday.

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