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Cleveland Browns Flacco Fever t-shirts and crewnecks are now for sale at HOMAGE

Get yours in time for Joe Flacco’s playoff run!

It was only a matter of time before Flacco Fever hit the t-shirt market for your now-beloved Cleveland Browns quarterback. HOMAGE has just unveiled two new t-shirts that feature QB Joe Flacco, each with a price tag of $38.

Get Yours Now

Both designs are also available as crewnecks, which cost $68.

The one shirt says “FLACCO FEVER!”, with the exclamation mark having the Browns logo as the dot, and the script being the brown and orange colors. Simple and to the point for your appreciation of what Flacco has done for the team.

I love the other t-shirt too, which features a caricature of Flacco and flames coming off of the football. Seeing him in a Browns uniform, with his name in orange letters and the Browns logo again all seems like it would’ve made for a good April Fools joke earlier last year, but he became a sensation in just one month for Cleveland, leading them to four straight wins to clinch the playoffs.

Order now so you can try to get your shirts or crewnecks in time for the playoff game!

You can also see a wider selection of Browns products from HOMAGE here.