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Browns adjust Joe Flacco’s contract due to not playing in Week 18

With the NFL playoffs coming up, the Browns do right by the veteran QB’s contract

Cleveland Browns Practice Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

When the Cleveland Browns signed QB Joe Flacco to the practice squad few could have imagined how far they would have gone together. A few days before Thanksgiving, Flacco was added to help newly installed starter Dorian Thompson-Robinson and PJ Walker.

Flash forward, the Browns and Flacco agreed to an active roster contract in mid-December and by late December were locked into a playoff spot.

Part of Flacco’s contract created an interesting $75K decision for the team. Every game the QB started and the team won, Flacco earned that amount. With a desire to protect the veterans, the Browns are sitting veterans in Week 18.

That means Flacco can’t earn that $75K bonus.

Being a quality organization, Cleveland’s front office made sure their starting quarterback got his money:

In the big picture, for both the team and Flacco (who earned over $150 million in the NFL), the $75K is not a big deal. Making sure a veteran is respected and taken care of, both financially and through rest, is something that players (on the Browns and pending free agents) will notice.