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Reese’s Senior Bowl Interview: DT Braden Fiske talks his play style, Florida State and more

The annual All-Star game is a way to gauge player’s abilities

2023 ACC Championship - Louisville v Florida State Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images
NCAA Football: Senior Bowl John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns have quite a few DTs on their free-agent list including Jordan Elliott, Shelby Harris, and Maurice Hurst. All three played quite a bit and were all used as gap pluggers and to defend the run.

This means the Browns will need to replace some – or all – of these veterans with some youthful infusion.

DT Braden Fiske – Florida State

6’-5”, 297 pounds

Projected round: 3

DBN: What do you offer an NFL team?

Fiske: I will put the work in and show up every day wanting to improve. Playing this game is very special. I want to make an impact. I get after it from the first snap.

DBN: Is it important for you to start your first year?

Fiske: I think I am ready to play whenever I am there. I’m really excited. I am the type of guy if you need me to come in right away, I can do that.

DBN: You had a breakout season this year. What changed?

Fiske: Think where I was a year ago. The transfer portal had so many unknowns. I had shoulder surgery. It was a lot of work, but being able to have an impact on the team this year was what you worked hard for.

DBN: Was there any point where you thought you might not play after your surgery?

Fiske: You have to know your body and who you are. Every step with the work you put in starts to show and I kept getting better. You can’t get to the next level without putting in the work.

DBN: How do you look back on the decision to transfer from Western Michigan to Florida State?

Fiske: It was a good decision that changed my life. I had a great year and could not have asked for a better experience.

DBN: Florida State was snubbed for the playoffs. How did you handle this?

Fiske: There was a zero in the loss column. We can’t control who we play and we can’t control any other scenarios. We were 13-0, I felt that should speak for itself.

DBN: What is your favorite way to get after the quarterback?

Fiske: It’s an attack style, it’s kinda my play. Getting upfield and read what they give me. It forces the offense to do certain things. I have a high motor and just get after the ball.

DBN: How did you find out about your Senior Bowl invitation?

Fiske: At the end of a practice, the invite was sitting right there in my locker. It was more overwhelming than anything. I’d been wanting to accomplish going to this game. It’s been a goal of mine. I felt relief more than anything.

DBN: How do you show to all these coaches and scouts that you belong?

Fiske: I went from a smaller school to a Power 5 team and showed I can produce against the bigger competition. I am ready to answer any questions that they have about my abilities. Now being at the Senior Bowl, I will go against some of the best and show I can dominate. The interview process is important and I am excited for that opportunity. I plan to show them what I am like outside of football.